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4358 A Southside Dr. Acworth, GA 30101
(770) 975-8228


“I’ve been practicing yoga and pilates at Core Bodyworks for four years and it has literally changed my life. Corebodyworks is my “happy place” where I can come and work hard with no judgements or expectations by others. I feel like lots of gyms and studios try to sell yoga as the trendy exercise but it’s the real deal at CBW. The atmosphere, the music, the quality of instruction and the equipment is perfect.  The personal attention to my development means a lot to me.”

Kelly Kole, Allied ASID
Kandrac & Kole Interior Designs, Inc.

Colleen Hessinger, testimonial – Pilates

Pilates, Patience and Progress…

My story is a long and complex tale of health issues, physical pain and stiffness.  I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at the age of two and the devastating disease took its toll over time.  In 2008, I received a gift from God; a kidney/pancreas transplant which gave me a second chance at life.  Now at the age of 48, I am six months into my dedicated effort to be my best, both mentally and physically.  Thanks to Jocelyn Simpson and Lisa Browning at Core Bodyworks, positive changes are happening.

Pilates, Tai Chi, stretching and therapeutic massage are the new tools in my healthy life toolbox. The mechanics of my body are changing from halted, stiff and painful to that of flexibility with inner muscle strength, increasing ranges of motion and an overall feeling of well-being.  I am amazed that I have reached and continue to strive for goals that I thought of in the past as unattainable.- Colleen Hessinger

Susan Dobson - Strength and Stamina

My daughter and I were excited to be able to take a conditioning class together.  Being part of a small class with Lisa, as our instructor, allowed her to watch us closely to ensure we were properly executing each exercise, each workout.  This also allowed us to be able to do the class at our own pace by using different size weights, and vary the repetitions.  Hannah (18 now), really enjoyed knowing that she got a great cardio workout due to the metabolic rate focus of this class.  I also began to see definition in my shoulders and arms, and also see my chiropractor less often!!