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4358 A Southside Dr. Acworth, GA 30101
(770) 975-8228

Tai Chi

Tai Chi and Qigong:  to relax, learn tools to bring your life into balance and reduce stress, improve health and wellness, reduce pain and manage chronic conditions.  These are some of the reasons one chooses tai chi as a daily discipline.  Here at Core Bodyworks, we also have fun and become a community!

Our tai chi classes are closely linked with the Tai Chi for Health Institute (www.tchi.org) of which our lead instructor, Jocelyn Simpson is a Senior Trainer and Board member.  Our classes range from long tai chi forms such as Sun 73 and Moving Stillness Fan Form, to shorter forms designed to get you in the flow right away!  Among these shorter forms is Tai Chi for Arthritis, which is the official Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi Program.  The Center for Disease Control recognizes this as an evidence based tai chi program for fall prevention.  We also offer classes that focus on tai chi principles and qigong (meditative breathing exercises).  Offerings will change from time to time, so please check our class listings for current offerings.

Jocelyn has spent many training hours over the past several years with Dr. Paul Lam, the Director of TCHI and creator of many specialized tai chi forms which have reached 50 million people.  We regularly host Dr. Lam and/or his Master Trainers for local workshops.

Why learn Tai Chi?

Tai Chi provides benefits for your entire mind, body, and spirit.  Health benefits included serenity, stress relief, pain relief, better balance, fall prevention, improved mental focus, range of motion, flexibility and strength.  It's also fun and builds community!