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4358 A Southside Dr. Acworth, GA 30101
(770) 975-8228

Strength, Stamina and Balance

This class prepares you with range of motion exercises, and warm up scenarios to help muscles fire correctly while also raising the heart rate.  Strength exercises are then performed with dumb bells, resistance bands, TRX units, and just with body weight. Stamina is developed through the sequencing of the class.  Exercises to increase the metabolic rate are done through out to stress, challenge and, in turn, improve the system. 

We have seen the benefits of weight loss, muscles definition, and strength in short periods of time using this method.  Burning calories continues well after the class as your body retains the stress of the metabolic system.

The three classes on the schedule will vary this way:  One class will focus more on raising heart rate, and performing full body exercises, where the other two classes will bring heart rate up, although focus more individually on upper body one class, and lower body in the other class.

Joining this class may also require a private session to acquaint you with form, equipment and help you understand your body so that you can avoid injury.  Speak with the instructor (Lisa Browning), and plan to join when you know that it's time in your life to get and stay strong!

There will be a free demo-style class on Saturday, January 30 9am-10am to demonstrate form, and help acquaint new participants to this format.  Please call studio to add your name to this list!