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4358 A Southside Dr. Acworth, GA 30101
(770) 975-8228


Most people often ask:   “what is Pilates?”  It is a conditioning system designed to strengthen the stabilizing muscles of the body, mobilize the spine, and increase range of motion, and through a balanced approach lengthen and strengthen of all of the muscles.  To coin a phrase by Joe Pilates; he said; “you are as old as your spine”.

At CBW, we teach a contemporary style of Pilates exercises, while adhering to strong foundational principles set up by Joe; some of which include; alignment, breath, strong abdominals and back, toning and fluid movement.  Pilates exercises and the equipment used are excellent tools to use through rehabilitation from injury and illness.  The re-alignment and strength gains combat chronic pain.

We use all of the equipment developed by Joe Pilates in the 1940’s; Reformers, Wunda Chairs, Towers, Barrels and the Cadillac.  As students reach a level of awareness of their body performing Pilates, we add dumb bells, resistance bands, stability balls and bosu balls.  This method we call Core Functional Training.  Both CFT and general Pilates can be geared to young and old, athletes and anyone rehabilitating from injury or trauma.  Post partum Pilates is a natural.

Our private sessions and even small group sessions (duets and trios) are individualized to the clients.  At CBW you will have a program that is specific to your needs, your level of fitness and something that you can utilize in all areas of your life.  Plan to schedule your first three private (or duets if you already have a workout "buddy") sessions with our discounted "Entry Level Package".   Call or e-mail us at: support@corebodyworks.com to make an appointment.