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4358 A Southside Dr. Acworth, GA 30101
(770) 975-8228


To register or not??

To begin Pilates training , you must use the Introductory Special, setting up on-line or by phone.  Appointments with master teacher Lisa Browning are only available by phone.  If you have experience and wish to use classes, please call ahead to find out the most appropriate class for your experience.

-Pilates equipment classes have limited space and you must register by phone or on line at least 12 hours in advance.  Cancellation should be made 24 hours prior to a class or session that you are enrolled in when possible.  Without communication from someone signed in to the class, you negate the possibility of someone else wishing to have the spot.

-Yoga classes are held as the class schedule states and you do not have to register, although you can pay and register online prior to classes up to two weeks in advance.

-Tai Chi classes can be attended without pre-registration, if  you are experienced in the discipline.

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for all appointments and a 3 hour policy for equipment classes.  There is no need to reserve space in Yoga or Tai Chi classes, although registering online does assure you are contacted if for any reason a class in cancelled.

There are expiration dates on packages, please note them and take this into consideration before purchasing.

General Ettiquitte

Please arrive 10 minutes before your first class or session at Core Bodyworks.   This will insure that you are comfortable with the studio and instructor, and time to fill out any intake form, as well tell your instructor any thing you think is important about yourself, your body.

Please speak up in reference to discomfort, recent injuries pains and dizziness when exercising in the studio.

Please try to arrive 5 min. before your scheduled session or class to ensure the class can start on time, and in consideration of the other participants and instructor.

Yoga and Pilates are practiced in bare feet or in gripping sox, please do not wear sox without the grippers as you risk sliding on floor or equipment.  Tai Chi is done in appropriate footwear (consult instructor), that should be clean of outside debris before practice.

In consideration of others, please do not wear perfumes, or heavily scented lotions.
Cell phones should also be turned down or off.   For your safety, no gum or candy should be chewed during your workout/practice.  Please leave all electronic devices in the waiting area, unless you have an urgent issue, then informing the instructor before practice or your session begins.

Yoga, equipment classes and Personal training sessions

We provide towels, some yoga mats, and all equipment necessary for Pilates sessions and classes.  If you bring water, please use a spill proof bottle.

Please choose the class most appropriate to your level of comfort.   For the study of Pilates, beginners are required to use the Introductory Special prior to signing up for group classes.

If you are pregnant, please speak with an instructor before class.  For Pilates:  call ahead to discuss whether or not you should begin Pilates at your stage of pregnancy.

Payments at CBW can be  made by cash, check or credit card.