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4358 A Southside Dr. Acworth, GA 30101
(770) 975-8228

Massage Therapy

Sports massage therapy is the seed from which CBW was grown.  Lisa Browning, L.M.T. has been a certified Neuromuscular and Sports massage therapist since 1988.  As the owner of Sports Massage Therapy Associates from 1990-1998, she formed the first Georgia Sports Massage Team, worked with athletes of all levels, including World Class runners and triathletes, set up strong relationships with orthopedists, physical therapists and sports chiropractors in the Atlanta area and gained years of experience in the field of injury and injury prevention through massage therapy.  She practices massage therapy Monday through Saturday, and makes appointments by phone or e-mail only.  

Practicing all these years, as well as being competitive as a runner, triathlete and stand up paddleboard racer, she understands proper training and massage techniques, as well as the fine art of referring to the appropriate health/fitness professional when needed.

Kelly Crider, L.M.T.  has had a knack for massage since childhood.  This brings many years of experience to her work.  She is passionate about the positive effects of therapy on the body and the mind.  Massage appointments with Kelly can be scheduled on Mondays, Wednessdays and Fridays by phone.

Graduating from massage school in 2006, she added therapy to her job at Williams Wellness center, for Dr. David A. Williams, and Dr. Paul G. Cohen, where she worked for twelve years.  Experience in the medical setting facilitated a base of knowledge in physiology and pathology.  This experiential knowledge makes her treatment of each client thorough and safe.  Since leaving the medical office, she practices massage therapy at A Wellness Center and Spa in Acworth, along with her practice at CBW.  

Danny Smith, L.M.T graduated from Atlanta School of Massage in August of 2014 and specializes in Thai Yoga Massage.   This session, while targeting the energy meridians (ie: accupuncture), will stretch and release muscles, connective tissue and the joints.  

Danny’s consistent physical activities and desire to study anything body and movement related help him to assist with a clients issues.   His constant desire to help people understand and enjoy their body is an even a greater gift to that promotes health and healing.  Danny's schedule is by appointment only and can be made by phone.

All therapists are licensed by the state of Georgia and study incessantly to understand the body more!